Monday, June 30, 2008

daft punk

ok so I'm not sure what's up with the recent Daft Punk obsession but I know it's legit. I've been wanting to do a Daft Punk illo for a while but never go around to it, i also wanna colour it. any suggestions?

also i silkscreened this tee. LCD Soundsystem kicks major face.


scottpilgrim said...

absolutely amazing, stunning beautiful etc etc

love it.

Kyle M said...

that shirt is pretty interesting, very cool design. I think the illo could use some touch ups rather then just coloring. Mainly the anatomy needs smoothing out, the figures look strange and kinda squished together and a bit unnatural, i don't know what sort of reference you use but maybe try taking photos of yourself i guess or even looking in the mirror and seeing how the body looks in those positions, subtle kind transfers of weight and such would make it much more natural looking and interesting.

Drew said...

thanks for the help K man. i actually scrapped the drawing altogether, for those reasons and more. but it was a good excercise. thanks for the tips!