Monday, December 8, 2008

Computer Project Blues

so it isn't great but it's something.
We had to make a CD cover to a Starbucks introduction compilation CD. The genres were given at random, and I got western swing. Luckily western swing involves campy-ass cowboy crap. I left all the crop marks so you guys could see all the professionalism and stuff. amazing ain't it?

Things going slowly lately.... so excited for the break. make some REAL art for a change...

Oh the fonts I used on this cd cover are all from this sweet site called Dafont. they're mostly all free and there's tons to choose from. tons.


Andrew Bailey said...

nea-oh burrito! it's cheesy but in a western starbucks kind of way. i think you did a really good job. and that's exciting about the break, can't wait to see some more from you drew.

Scott Pilgrim said...

i like it, and yes i agree with andrew that it is nicely cheezy. i really like the negative positive with the wisps and the boot, the insides my fav