Friday, January 2, 2009

Collaboration celebration

So Scott Pilgrim and I have been tirelessly working on a collaboration for the past few days. We'd been talking about doing something together for a while, but we finally sat down and worked something out.
this is the end result.

It's considered a series but each piece is an individual as well. We went around town and Scott photographed all the urban areas, and we took the photos and traced them, keeping the buildings etc incomplete looking and simplified. Then we added the colour which we'd decided early on was going to be just a small smear somewhere on one of the structures. Then the figures were added by myself, using brush and ink. the figures were referenced from life and photos.

so here you have it. The most personal art I've produced in a long time, and I can't believe it turned out exactly as it was envisioned in my mind.

Scott, it was a pleasure working with you!

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