Friday, January 23, 2009

she's lost control

Alex and I watched "Control" last night. that bio-pic about Ian Curtis (lead singer of Joy Division). It was hard for me to feel any real sympathy for the guy in the end. I had watched another film a couple nights before called "24 Hour Party People" which was practically about the same thing. This film however was about Tony Wilson, the owner/creator of Factory records, the company which produced Joy Division, and then later New Order. In this movie, Curtis is portrayed as the character the audience feels almost sorry for. A musical genius misunderstood who finds this life too much and hangs himself in his home. I was actually sad after this.

But in "Control", we discover so much more about Curtis, and some of it isn't as "genius". He was married young, was in a post-punk band garnering a lot of attention, had a baby daughter, and a lover on the side, and oh yeah, epilepsy and all this happened before his life ended at 23 years old. The film made him seem a coward, and way too immature to have to deal with everything he created for himself so young. I still hold a lot of respect for how he shaped music history, but Ian Curtis the Man, is not someone I would look up to.


Andrew Bailey said...

i dunno i kind of felt sorry for the guy after control. but i also think the crowd of joy division lovers i watched it with may have influenced this decision.

hope you're doing well!

grace margaret said...

hey drew, so i just read your post from after the TCAF two years ago and you said hopefully in two years at the next one you'd be behind one of the tables.
are you going to do it??