Sunday, August 2, 2009

This one is dedicated to anyone who ever had to endure sitting next to a huge douche bag on a train

Hello all.
so I made these t shirts this past weekend. I printed the guys on that dark blue, and the girls on white.
I still have a bunch/the screen still so if anyone's interested you can have one for a mere $20! I'm really happy with the way they turned out and IT MADE ME REALLY EXCITED ABOUT SILKSCREENING AGAIN. oops, so excited it made me accidently hit the caps lock and shout at you. i apologize if i damaged your mind's ears.

sorry it took me so long to post stuff! i'll get back on it right away.... sir.


makejump said...

lookin' slick, slick. keep up the rhythm and soul.

Kelsey Heinrichs said...

good stuff. love how simple you kept it

Gerrit said...

Holy shit Drew!

Where'd you get those skills? Those shirts look fucking awesome!

You gotta help me to line up my screens that well, hopefully we can get together and screen soon.

Keep up the great work!

bryce huffman said...