Saturday, October 24, 2009

To Mary Jane, Best Wishes, Martin

So I had to design a fake CD cover for my graphic design class. this is one of the mock-ups. Actually it's the only mock-up right now. Give me some feedback (Chris , Scott, Alex anyone!!), and as I come up with more designs I'll post them


Andrew Remington Bailey said...

Erin McPhee said...

Solid design! :)

I think the only thing I would maybe be concerned about is the legibility of your white text on certain areas of color on the background.

Scott Pilgrim said...

andrew remington bailey makes a valid point, very similar. but i do love the focus features logo and weird out of focus circles its always been a fav so its hard to not like your design even though they are almost an identical idea.

makejump said...

what could be more of an impact is crops of certain areas. I'm thinking that the bottom of the picture you're using is extremely interesting. instead of having an asymmetrical composition of colour and form, you can make the focus of the work asymmetrical in just form. Focusing on one colour would get rid of your problem of the "t" and "h" disappearing completely.
Also, if you are going to keep that type setting, you should tighten up the space between the "a" "r" and "c". Use the space between "H" and "E" as a reference because you are creating a visual pull towards "cher". The spacing plus the lightness of the "ar" on the brighter colours leads to the letters looking farther apart then they actually are.

If you make any more please post them, I would love to see what they look like.